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Aurora by LOWE

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Because we at Velv'Or believe in innovative products that spice up the sexual relationship.

Our friends at LOWE created their Aurora to give women something very unique!!

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Basically with every Velv'Or product.

Some words by LOWE about their Aurora is a unique creation. A soft laser dedicated to the female sexual organ which improves the microcirculation, the lubrication and the production of collagen I.

The usage of Aurora is our own intimacy allows to reach more easily intense and prolonged orgasm and tyo slow down the aging process of the female sexual orgasm and improve its functionality.

• Pleasure and beauty merge in the same light

• Aurora is an innovative and sage device that can perform two different treatments

• It would restore energy, beauty and functionality to the body to satisfy desired and limitless passions of the mind

• It will awake your senses through an ecstatic amplification of pleasure

• Aurora has been tested for better satisfaction of your precious desires

• 66,7% of tested women have reported a significant improvement in the quality of orgasm

• 88,9% achieved an increase in lubrication

• Biocompatible

• Safe for the eye

• 2-year warranty

• Usb charge

• Soundless

• Discreet