TENGA by Keith Haring Original Vacuum CUP
15 EUR


Because we at Velv'Or believe that a good workout should be done on a regular basis.

Our friends at TENGA created their Original Vacuum Cup edition Keith Haring especially for this. To give your Penis an amazing sensation during stimulation. The longer you can hold it with this cup the longer you will enjoy intercourse.

Together with:

Because our JNaja massages the perineum which causes your entire body to relax, and feel better it’s the ideal Cock Ring to be EnRinged with during your Endurance Workout. Your erection will be even more powerful and the final ejaculation will be the best of the world.

Some words by TENGA about their Original Vacuum Cup edition Keith Haring

The ultimate vacuum experience!

The TENGA Original Vacuum CUP’s hourglass shape provides a sublime tightness. Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the CUP to deliver an amazing section sensation. Several unique features combine to create a vivid stimulation, using advanced technology and unprecedented internal design to achieve the epitome of sensations!