TENGA by Keith Haring Soft Tube Cup
15 EUR


Because we at Velv'Or believe that a good workout should be done on a regular basis to release stress and beside this the Soft Tube is a great instrument to use during your PWOD - Penis Workout of the Day.

Our friends at TENGA created their Soft Tube Cup by Keith Haring to give your Penis an amazing sensation during stimulation. The longer you can hold it with this cup the longer you will enjoy intercourse.

Together with:

It can actually be used with all our Ready to Wear products, but the sensation you get with the BeauGosse BG 003 is amazing. Your cock will stand out nice and proud while doing deep trusts with the Cup.

Some words by TENGA about their Soft Tube Cup by Keith Haring

The TENGA Soft Tube Cup gives you complete control over the strength of your experience. The sensation that you desire, controlled by how tightly or lightly you grip the CUP. Enjoy a varied sensation every time by adjusting your grip during use, or discover a whole array of new sensations by changing the way you handle the device!